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Miller Table Recovery Gold Dust Concentrating Table

SKU: 00130

(11 customer reviews)

Recovery Miller Table

Price: $307.00

In stock

  • Key Features
  • Reviews (11)
  • T-500 TSUNAMI Pump with Clips
  • Large bin with Lid
  • 3oz Snuffer Bottle
  • 45 minute instructional DVD
  • Written instructions
  • Stainless Steel Flip Up Recovery Tray powder coated green for better gold ID
  • Royal Squeegee Card (2)
  • Tailing Bucket
  • 1oz Glass Vial
  • Plastic Funnel
  • Paint Brush

If your tired of panning, let this machine do the work for you. Introducing our newest  product. With this table you will be able to Recover fine and flour gold easily because the matting that we use is like a magnet. The table measures 12” X 18”. The adjustable leveling nuts on the support bar makes the set up simple.

  • Durable Powder Coat finish, No corrosion
  • No open cell rubber to hold water
  • No spray bar head to create bubbles
  • Compact size
  • No filter bag to clean
  • Captures 600 & 800 mesh Gold and fine dust
  • Wash concentrates to remove any clay
  • Classify your material down to 1/16 (12 mesh)

11 reviews for Miller Table Recovery Gold Dust Concentrating Table

  1. Allen brandon

    I need one….ty

    • admin

      We are working on a large lot at this time. Please check back in about a week 1/2 and we will re-list when ready to ship.

  2. Daniel Gallagher

    Well made unit and recovery is easy. Green table is very nice and makes the flakes stand out. High quality at a fair price.

    • admin

      Thank you Daniel we appreciate your feedback.

  3. Daniel

    Looking at getting one thank you

  4. Holden

    one of the best pieces of equipment I’ve ever purchased for gold mining. this makes getting the micro gold so much easier and quicker. It’s a very straightforward piece of equipment to set up too.

    • admin

      Thank you Holden, we appreciate your feedback 🙂 thank you for sharing your experience with us.

    • admin

      We do appreciate your feedback and are always happy to hear that our customers are happy.

  5. Reece Rodriguez

    Love it now I know I’m recovering all the gold in my cont thank you

    • admin

      Happy to hear 🙂 Thank you for choosing Royal

  6. brian larson

    From Brian larson in lake forest
    Picked up this super quality miller table with all the goodies!
    After grinding Gold bearing rocks I now get super fine Gold!
    Thanks Royal !

    • admin

      That’s awesome, thanks for sharing

  7. Will

    Hello do you ship to UK as could really do with one of these thx regards Will

    • admin

      Hello, thank you for your question. All International orders must be placed through our eBay listings as they take care of all paperwork for us.

  8. Dave

    Is this product still available? And if so do you make a bigger one?

    • admin

      Hello, yes this item is available and has been relisted. We do not make a larger size sorry

  9. Dave

    My table arrived yesterday so we put it to the test lol it works great reran half a coffee can of concentrates that had been run two times previously and wow lol was still finding gold I had missed , thank you royal manufactures for the great table.

    • admin

      Thank you for your review, we appreciate it.

  10. Clint Lawson (verified owner)

    Very nice and easy set up anywhere you want it. I have used it out in the field and back at the house. It’s one piece of equipment I won’t leave
    behind when I go out prospecting. So far this has separated over a gram of flour gold for me and I haven’t had it that long. I have stage four cancer and tire quickly panning all the flour gold but not any longer. Thanks for making a great product that’s built to last.

    • admin

      Very sorry to hear and prayers your way. Great to hear such positive feedback. Thank you Clint.

  11. Brad Buchanan

    Looks like it’s going to be great for what I need. I have really a lot of flower gold very fine. So I’m going to get one and give it a try. If anyone has any good useful information on it that you think I should know . Please feel free to tell thanks. Wish me luck.

    • admin

      Great news Brad. Thank you for your positive Feedback.

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