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Self-Locking Sluice Box

Sand Scoop 15 inch to 33 inch long non-perforated

SKU: 00099

Beach Scoop

Price: $57.00
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Just pass over items with your metal detector to find the metal and scoop it out. Sand and loose dirt easily sifts out leaving the metal object. Zinc plated to protect it from rust. This Scoop combines all the benefits of two scoops. It can be used as a short-handled scoop providing better control by merely unscrewing the 18″ extension handle, or as a long scoop allowing user to save undue stress on back muscles due to bending over repeatedly. The short handle is for digging into dirt a little harder than sand or loose dirt. The extra perforations allow the user to sift through sand and loose dirt easier and faster. This is our most feature-packed scoop. THIS SCOOP IS NOT DESIGNED FOR STEPPING ON! Key Features: 18 ga. Steel 16 ga. X 1/2″ Mesh 18 ga. 7/8″ Tubular Steel 15″ Long converts to 33″ Long Stainless steel nut, bolt and washer. Two cushioned Rubber Grips Zinc Plating (Gold Coloring) 1.9 Lbs.


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