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Self-Locking Sluice Box

Gold Prospecting & Accessories

A pair of red and black battery clips on a white background.

Battery Clips

Use these to connect your pump to a battery or other power source

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A Sump Pump Tsunami 1200 GPH Pump 4amp with a wire attached to it.

Sump Pump Tsunami 1200 GPH Pump 4amp

Key Features: 1200 Gallons per hour 29 inch lead wires Fits easily in tight places Draws 4 Amps Fits a 1 1/8″ hose. 1.0 lbs.

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A small black and white Sump Pump Filter Bag with a cord attached to it.

Sump Pump Filter Bag

This filter screen easily slips over most pumps and creates more “screenable” surface area. This lengthens the time between clean-ups and protects your pump from foreign debris. Made from non-rotting materials. Fits all pumps on this page. Pump Sold Seperately

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Crevice Tool 16 inch long

Crevice tool to clean cracks

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Grass Plug Extractor

Grass Plug for metal detecting

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